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Health and safety

Health and safety

Below is a list of general safety guidelines for the use of Essential oils that should be observed when using any of our range of products. If unsure how to use essential oils and carrier oils then please contact use before using them.

1). Keep out of reach of unattended children,tag heuer replica watches
pets and anyone with special needs. Always ensure the integral dropper is in place as this acts as a guard against over consumption should the product fall into the wrong hands. Always store Essential oils in dark bottles away from sun light and in a cool enviroment.

2). Keep products away from delicate eye areas. If an accidents occur with neat essential oil flush the eyes with cold full fat milk or vegetable oil to dilute.
If a accident occurs with a diluted oil flush with clean warm water. If stinging is still present seek immediate medical advice.

3). Keep products away from naked flames or sources of ignition.

4). Do not take essential oils internally unless under strict medical supervision or if in consultation with an aromatherapist qualified to this level. If taken internally by accident then seek medical advice immediately.

5). Never use an undiluted essential oil directly on the skin. Always dilute in a suitable base product. Lavender & Tea Tree can be used neat in very small amounts 1-2 drops but not on a regular basis.

6). If you are pregnant, suffer from epilepsy, high/low blood pressure or any other specific condition please seek medical advise before using any of our products.

Do Not Use The Following Essential Oils If Pregnant
Hyssop / Rosemary / Sage / Spike Lavender / Clary Sage/ Fennel
Jasmine (It may decrease the flow of milk)

Remember if you are unsure don’t use it or consult a professional Aromatherapist.

7). When adding essential oils to bath water dilute the oil first in a small amount of full fat milk or dispersing bath oil base. If neither is available be sure to agitate the water after adding the oil so it does not settle on the top of the water and cause irritation.

8). Try to regulate the use of any essential oil as constant use over time may in isolated cases cause sensitisation, nausea or headaches.

9). Certain oils may cause skin sensitivity or adverse reaction in some individuals. Discontinue use immediately if this occurs. If susceptible to this kind of reaction it is always best to do a patch test before use on a larger area. It is always advisable to patch test oil 24 hrs before commencing any treatment.

10) Care must also be taken with certain oils before exposure to direct sunlight, especially Bergamot.

DISCLAIMER: - The above information is provided as a guide only. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the above information is accurate and up to date.PA Aromatherapy accept no liability in respect of any omission or error in the information provided. The buyer should always satisfy itself as to the ultimate suitability for an intended application. PA Aromatherapy accept no liability in the unlikely event of an adverse reaction occurring when using one of its products. No liability is accepted in respect of any reputed therapeutic characteristic