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Base Ranges.

These base creams are produce so you can add your own ingredients to make your own creams and shampoos.

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Aloe Vera Gel
99% Aloe Vera. This makes a very soothing cooling gel, especially good for sunburnt or irritated skin. essential oils can be added to this gel if desired. No Image
Base Creams
A range of base creams that you can add your own essential oils to, so its possible for you to make your own creams.
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Base Lotions
A range of Base Lotions from Hand & Body to Reflexology Lotion. Essential oils can be added to all of these products.
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Bath Oil
Luxury Bath Oil which is parabens free and you can add up to a5% dilution of Essential Oil to this bath oil.
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Ground Pumice
Ground pumice powder as a fine powder exfoliant. As an exfoliant pumice powder is exellent for cleansing and polishing your skin. Pumice powder is perfect added to soaps and scrubs for a smooth, velvety skin feeling.
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Jojoba beads (white)
You can add them to your lotions, bubble bath, scrubs, liquid and bar soaps
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Shampoo And Bath Gel Bases
The Aromystique range of shampoo, conditioner and bath gell bases all parabens free and ready for you to add your essential oils to.
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