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Oilvedic Skin Care.

Our very own Oilvedic Skin Care range brings you the very best in skin care. These creams are all parabens free and contain 80% Aloe Vera.

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Oilvedic Cleansing Lotions
A range of parabens free cleansing lotion for every skin combination.
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Oilvedic Facial Oils
A Wide selection of facial oils for every type of skin combination and made with a combination of base oils and essential oils.
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Oilvedic Foot Care
A range of Oilvedic Foot Care products including foot lotions and foot balms. Pamper those feet they provide moisture and nourishment to dry skin and revitalises tired feet.
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Oilvedic Moisture Creams
Oilvedic's own skin care range which are parabens free and are suitalbe for every type of skin.
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Oilvedic Toners
A selection of facial toners for every skin combination.
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