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Accessories & Containers

A wide range of accessories for all your Aromatherapy needs.

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Amber Bottles & Jars
A vast selection of amber bottles and jars to suit every therapist needs
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Amber Bottles with Atomiser
A range of amber bottles from 10ml - 100ml
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Aromatherapy Cases
A range of Aromatherapy cases to suit every therapist needs,
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Clear Glass Bottles & Jars
A range of clear glass bottles & Jars including the 10mm Roller Ball Bottles.
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Hopi Ear Candles
These Earcandles are still made by hand using the traditional recipe and the finset regularly tested ingredients.
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Measuring Equipment
A rannge of measuring beakers and teat pipettes.
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Plastic Bottles & Jars
A wide range of plastic bottles and jars.
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