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Shampoo And Bath Gel Bases

The Aromystique range of shampoo, conditioner and bath gell bases all parabens free and ready for you to add your essential oils to.

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Bath-Shower Gel Base
A clear parabens fre Bath Gel Base so you can add you own essential oils too, and enjoy a relaxing bath time.
From £1.50
Hair Conditioner
A very gentle hair conditioner which is parabens free, which will leave your hair soft and silky.
From £1.75
Jojob Beads (White)
You can add them to your lotions, bubble bath, scrubs, liquid and bar soaps
From £5.49
Shampoo Base
A gentle clear shampoo base which is good for all types of hair, and is also parabens free. Essential oils can be added to this shampoo base.
From £2.25
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