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Self Help Cd's

Over the years Albert Smith has created a series of Audio recordings covering a wide variety of stress related problems which include stress, weight, sleep, smoking, fears & phobias, self-confidence, agoraphobia & claustrophobia, binge drinking, bullying,

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Change Your Life
"Take control of your mind and take control of your life" is the philosophy behind these two programs for self-improvement, based on the unique, self-help that Chris now conducts around the world.
How to Achieve Deep & Peaceful Sleep
Sleepless nights are a misery that many people endure needlessly. The art of physical relaxation is easy to learn and, with practice, can be easily applied to enable you to stay both physically and emotionally calm allowing you to achieve peaceful and sus
How to Achieve Freedom from Stress
Unmanaged Stress causes or aggravates some 50% of the symptoms that we take to our doctors, as well as having a dramatic effect on the quality of life that we enjoy.
How to Achieve Self-Confidence
Feelings of inferiority and a lack of confidence are often major stumbling blocks to ones development throughout life. Whilst confidence seems to be second nature to some people, there are many who go to great lengths to avoid any situation that might mak
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